i-gel® from Intersurgical: clinical evidence listing

A comprehensive list of all known published clinical evidence on the device

Airway management using i-gel® in two patients for awake craniotomy

Tsuruta S, Yamada M, Shimizu T, Satsumae T, Tanaka M, Mizutani T. Masui 2010; 59 (11): 1411-1414

This paper describes the use of an i-gel® for ventilation during two craniotomy procedures. Both patients were anaesthetised and operated on using the asleep-awake-asleep technique. The i-gel® was inserted successfully and removed for the first time as the patients were able to respond to their own names being called. After the ‘awake’ period of surgery was complete, the i-gel® was reinserted easily in both cases despite a 30° rotation of the neck. There were no adverse incidents. The authors conclude that the i-gel® is appropriate for use during asleep-awake-asleep surgery due to the ease of insertion when the neck is rotated.

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