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Cardiocerebral resuscitation improves neurologically intact survival of patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Kellum M J, Kennedy K W, Barney R, Keilhauer F A, Bellino M, Zuercher M, Ewy G. Ann Emerg Med 2008; 52(3): 244-52

The objective of this study was to compare a newly implemented protocol using the principles of cardiocerebral resuscitation against 2000 American Heart Association Guidelines for treatment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Data was collected retrospectively from the two study groups, each spanning a three-year period. Cerebral performance category scores were used to define the neurological status of survivors, with ‘1’ considered as ‘intact’ survival. Prior to the protocol change, 18 of 92 (20%) survived and 14 (15%) were intact. After the implementation, 42 of 89 (47%) survived and 35 (39%) were intact. Authors conclude that the implementation was associated with ‘a dramatic improvement in neurologically intact survival.’

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