i-gel® from Intersurgical: clinical evidence listing

A comprehensive list of all known published clinical evidence on the device

General anesthesia in a case of right-sided aortic arch with Kommerell’s diverticulum diagnosed on preoperative examination

Nakano S, Uda R, Nakajima O, Yamamoto N, Akatsuka M. Masui 2012; 61(7): 765-8

Case of the use of i-gel as preferred airway device and vehicle for tracheal intubation in a 59-year-old male with known Kommerell’s diverticulum, scheduled for repair of a tibial fracture under general anaesthesia. The i-gel® resulted in an uneventful operation with both controlled and spontaneous respiration, and the authors’ conclude that i-gel® is a useful device in such specific cases.

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