i-gel® from Intersurgical: clinical evidence listing

A comprehensive list of all known published clinical evidence on the device

Successful use of i-gel in three patients with difficult intubation and difficult ventilation

Asai T. Masui. 2011; 60(7): 850-2

Three cases of successful ventilation using the size three i-gel® on female patients with a mix of predicted and unpredicted difficult intubation, and where both facemask ventilation and tracheal intubation were difficult. Author concludes that i-gel ‘has a potential role as a rescue device, by allowing ventilation and tracheal intubation in patients with difficult airways.’

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The i-gel®, a new supraglottic airway

Asai T, Liu EH. Masui 2010; 59(6): 794-797

In this study, the i-gel® was used to ventilate 20 spontaneously breathing adult patients during anaesthesia. Insertion time, success rate, ability to insert a gastric tube and complications (including the presence of blood on the device) were recorded. The i-gel® was inserted on the first attempt in 19 of 20 patients and had a mean insertion time of 12 seconds. Gastric tube insertion was possible in all cases. Removal was uneventful for all patients and did not result in any complications. The authors believe that the i-gel® is a useful device for maintaining the patient airway during general anaesthesia.

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